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22 Most Flattering Haircuts for Double Chins

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The best haircuts for double chins offer styles that break up the roundness and fullness of the face. The layers and the silhouette of the cut create an illusion of a more elongated face shape. If you’re looking for a new look that would flatter your facial features, you’re in the right place!

Professional stylist Molly G from Mission, TX shares her #1 tip for women with double chins.

“My advice is to add some face-framing layers to your haircut. This technique will draw attention towards the hair rather than the chin,” she states.

Moreover, a layered cut provides hair with the volume and texture needed while removing extra weight!

If you have curly hair, make sure to find a stylist proficient in cutting such hair type and texture. “It could definitely go wrong if not cut the proper way. If too much tension is placed on the curls, the result would be shorter than expected,” Molly explains.

Consult your stylist to help you understand whether your preferred cut works for you. Ask about the upkeep.

Know how much effort you need to put in when styling in the morning. It would also be helpful to get some product recommendations to maintain the style.

There are a lot of cuts and styles that are sure to convince you to change your look now. Below are the images of the trendiest haircuts for double chins to inspire you!