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Fun ways to style your hair for fall

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Fun ways to style your hair for fall

I know it’s not officially fall yet, but you can find some good deals at your favorite stores so why not start shopping! I’m going to share my tips on how to style your hair for the fall season. It starts with finding the right shampoo and conditioner that will protect your hair from split ends and frizz.

Next step is picking out a quality heat protector spray before using heated tools like blow dryers or flat irons. Lastly, pick a few fun hairstyles that are perfect for this time of year! Which one do you think would look best?

I hope these tips help you get ready for Fall!

  1. Try a new hairstyle – from braids to messy buns
  2. Try adding some color with hair chalk for a fun pop of color
  3. Add texture and dimension by using mousse or gel, then blow-drying your hair upside down
  4. Get creative with your layers – try cutting them in different lengths and experimenting with angles
  5. Pull back the sides of your hair into a low ponytail for an easy updo that is perfect for fall
  6. Be brave and go bold! Change up your colors like going from blonde to red or brunette to platinum blonde

The first one being an up-do with bobby pins or clips securing it in place and running down either side like little pig tails.

This look will be quite cute on someone who has long flowing locks because they can make themselves appear much taller by letting their bangs hang over one shoulder whilereetting backcombed layers at front framing face perfectly along cheekbones creating Illusion Line Temples – don’t forget about mascara too 😉

The best way to have fun with your hair this fall is by adding a little color

Try going for an icy-blonde look, or perhaps try brunette tones? Whatever you choose be sure it’s something that will make the season new and exciting as well!

A loose bun will do the trick! All you need are some clips and bobby pins so that it’s easy on those mornings when we wake up feeling like total *sses (not really). But if there’s anything better than waking up looking polished yet still undone.. I don’t know what could possible exist out their–I mean come on guys ;), take off those straightener

For a classy look, try twisting up long tresses or bobby pins in an easygoing side bun. If you’re looking for something more laid back but still stylish go ahead and flip those bangs over one eye like fashion designer Coco Chanel used to do – now that’s effortless cool girl status right there.

A low bun can be worn curly or straight; it looks nice with an extra braid at one side if needed – adds more interest without being too over-the top about style choices A loose wave around edges creates texture while still letting light through so they won’t turn into helmet head stubble by morning time.

We know how hard it can be to find new ways of doing your hair that are both stylish and easy – so we put together this list of fun hairstyles for fall. Whether you want braids or buns, there’s something on the list for everyone! Which one will you try? Book an appointment with us today!

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